Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, just "spills," really. Over the past two years, I calculate I've jogged over 1000 miles. So, of course, when I tried to jog 2 blocks to a coffee shop during a work break last Thursday, my ankle twisted under me about fifteen feet into the run. I dropped like a stone. There may have been screaming involved. I cannot confirm rumors of crying like a little girl. I pulled my cell phone from my pocket, called the receptionist and said, "Hey, it's Hudson. I'm about 15 feet outside. Could you send someone to drag me inside?"

So, now I'm wearing a big ol' immobilizing boot on my right foot. I went through something like this two years ago. After my ankle didn't heal after a couple of months, I went in for an MRI and found I had torn two ligaments. So they put this boot on me for three weeks, and after that I was excellent. So, I've decided to just skip the doctor this time around and go straight to the boot. I'm confident it's not broken (it would look much worse it it was - the swelling is almost all gone by now, though it still very tender), so this should do the trick. I just have to spend the next couple of weeks hobbling around.

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