Sunday, September 28, 2008


Saturday, Aug 30th, Molly and I (and let's be frank - Buck, too), threw the bitchinest pirate-themed murder mystery party of all time. Buck and I BUILT A GODDAMN PIRATE SHIP in my backyard, complete with a pier, fake water, and ground fog. For her part, Molly just went nuts with the decorations and props. We gave away real swords and daggers as prizes (and rum and games for the pansies who didn't want weapons). We had about 45 people there, and every last blessed one of them came dressed to the nines in their best pirate gear. Pictures attached.

This whole thing took about three weeks to put together (in 100+ degree valley heat - FUCK!)...BUT it was utterly worth it... BUT I told Molly I am *done* with parties for the foreseeable future. If Molly wants another party, she'll just need to convince someone else to throw one, at least until Spring of 2009.

Check out my "Renaissance Superman" outfit! And Molly's, ahem, "pirate chest."

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