Thursday, September 24, 2009

workin' out

So, Buck and I have started the "100 pushups" program at It's a 6 week program designed to build you up to being able to do... drum roll... 100 pushups!

The people who put it together also have created, and, each of them a 6-week program. I, being the insanely overconfident narcissist that I am, am of course going to do them all. Below are some artists renditions of how I'll look by the time the holidays roll around.

I think my improved condition will help me with little chores around the house, like killing spiders for Molly.

Speaking of the holidays, I hope someone gets me that zeppelin I've been asking for... hint, hint.

I'll use it do some travelling to some vacation spots, like Monster Island.

Or I'll just take up a hobby, like posing dramatically.

This reminds me; I really need to buy some new shirts.