Monday, June 1, 2009

Eye Exam

So, I got an email from my half-sister a while ago saying that she'd had an attack of "narrow angles glaucoma." It's very serious condition, and an attack can leave a person blind. She got to a doctor quickly, thank goodness, and is fine. But her doctor said she should probably alert her siblings, as its a hereditary condition.

Well, it turns out my angles are as wide as the great outdoors, thank you very much. But when the doctor was checking me out with his giant magnifying lens, he said, "Did you know you have a chunk of metal in your eye?"

"Um... no." I suavely replied.

"Really, you can't feel that?" he asked as he, I don't know, pushed it around or something.

"No," I said again. And after a moment of thought, "Should I?"

"Eh, I guess you're fine. It's out now."

While this may not sound like all that much, I've put together a dramatization:

So, yeah, that's pretty much how it went.