Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Saturday night, by virtue of my genius wife being the Lead Editor on "Girls Next Door" for a few seasons, we went to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. And, yeah, it lives up to the hype.

I went as Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. Molly and I had a thematic half-face thing going, as she went as a half-zombie pirate queen.

But enough about us. I know what you really want...


No? You want almost naked women? Well, if you insist...

The four seasons.

(Gotta admit, they look a hell of lot better than these guys:)

Breasts! Too... many... breasts... Must... remain... calm... BOOBIES!!!!

I'm pretty sure this is my doppleganger, Neil Patrick Harris. He's following me, I tell you!

And lastly, Bridget: the friendliest and coolest of the Girls Next Door. May the trapeze of her life swing ever higher.

I regret to say that my wife didn't take any good pictures of the COMPLETELY NAKED "painted women" at the party. It's a surreal moment in your life when you're close-dancing with a totally nude woman on a crowded dance floor. A great moment, but surreal nonetheless.

May Hugh Hefner live to be a thousand years old. Failing that, may he will it all to George Clooney.

While my wife, understandably, didn't take pictures of quite the same subjects that I would have, luckily, our friend Jeremy was there and he took pictures of exactly what I would have. Yay, Jeremy!

This is the aforementioned painted lady that I was close-dancing with.

And this is apparently Jeremy getting her phone number. Bastard.

All great artists sign their work.

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